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My corydoras were spawned.
This diary is my hard time trying to breed corydoras.
* Jananese page include many text, but english page is photo only.
[Co.Adolfoi] 1997/10/09-1998/01/18 (spawn to 100days)
[Co.Sterbai] 1998/09/05-1999/05/23 (T-position,spawned to 37weeks)
[Co.Anenus] 1998/08/01-1998/09/13 (T-position,spawned to 6weeks)
[Co.Similis] 1999/11/13 (Pre-spawn, Spawn, Egg and 5months)r
[Asp Goias] 2000/02/11 (Spawn, Egg to 23days)
[Co.Actus] 2000/04/01 (Spawn, Egg to 33days)
[Co.Araguaiaensis] 2002/04/06 (Spawn, Egg to 53days)
[Co.Correai] 2003/05/07 (Spawn, Egg to 60days)
[Co.Paleatus] 2003/05/21 (Spawn, Egg to 96days)
[Co.Gossei] 2003/05/21 (Spawn, Egg to 139days)
[Co.Serpa] 2003/12/21 (Spawn, Egg to 7weeks)
[Co.Zygatus] 2004/03/14 (Spawn, Egg to 109days)
[Co.Semiaquilus] 2004/05/16 (Spawn to 4months)
[Co.Hastatus] 2004/05/16 (Spawn to Some months)
[Co.Metae] 2004/07/04 (Spawn, Egg to 89days)
[Co.Gossei] 2004/07/08 (Spawn, Egg to 105days)
[Co.Oiapoquensis] 2005/02/05 (Spawn, Egg to 84days)
[Co.Pygmaeus] 2005/04/24 (Spawn, Egg to 58days)
[Co.Trilineatus x Co.Panda] 2005/06/19 (Spawn, Egg to 116days)
[Co.Ornatus] 2006/04/09 (Spawn, Egg to 143days)
[Co.Barbatus] 2007/06/07 (Spawn, Egg to 173days) New

[SpawnData] is collect Corydoras spawning information. Japanese

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