- What this Corydoras -
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No Eye Band

Eys Band

Help to look for Coridoras.
Coridoras which it looks for might be found when the feature of Coridoras is chosen and it advances.

1.Eye Bnad.
2.Pattern of body. (Line/Spot/Other/Single color)
3.Patterned kind of body
4.Pattern of dorsal fin & caudal fin

then you can reach some corydoras.
and click corydoras photo...

* target corydoras shown below *

*)There is no security found without fail because a lot of Coridoras also has a lot of kinds, and has the variation etc.
*)Please use it as an easy to the end judging material. Accuracy to information cannot be secured.
*)Please contact me when mistake found or "You should be here this Corydoras", etc..

It cooperated in Mr.TA when "What was Cori?" making it. Thank you.

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